You miss God’s blessings, if you don’t go to church.

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Alt=You miss God's blessings, if you don't go to church.
You miss God’s blessings, if you don’t go to church.




Makko Musagara




The vision I had from God.

Dear reader, you may not believe what I am about to tell you, but it happened to me.  Because of the COVID-19 lockdown in many countries, I had taken sometime without going to church.

One night after the lockdown was lifted, and the churches had started operating, I got a strange dream from theLord.

In this vision I saw the Lord asking me a question like this:


I have been sending my angel messengers to earth, but they could not find you.


I was puzzled by what God meant, so I asked him like this:


Lord, I have been around all the time. Where have you been sending your messengers?


I was surprised by the answer the Lord gave me. Listen to what he said:


I have been sending my angels with your blessings in all the churches, but they could not find you. So, they returned to heaven with your blessings.


From this vision I realized that you miss God’s blessings, if you don’t go to church.

Then the Lord reminded me something.

As I remained sad about my missed blessings, the Lord reminded me someone in the Bible who had many burdens on his heart, but never gave up going to church.

One day God sent his angel from heaven to bless this man. The angel did not go to this man’s home. The angel went direct to the church where he found Zechariah, and this man received all the blessings and deliverance from God.

Zechariah was mightily blessed because he never gave up going to church ( see Luke 1:5-20).


Jesus preferred to be in the church.

At this moment I would like to ask you a simple question: why do you think Jesus Christ preferred to be in his Father’s house (see Luke 2:49-50), rather than at his parent’s home?

The answer is simple. You get God’s blessings when you go to church.

The church has a direct connection with heaven.

Many church buildings you see on earth are not ordinary because they have a direct connection with heaven ( see Genesis 28:17).

There is a lot of angelic activity in many churches.

If a church building is truly and faithfully used to serve God, then be assured that there is a lot of angelic activity in that house of God.

God’s angels will hand over heavenly blessings to you at your church.

The church is God’s meeting place.

The house of God is a place where our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit meet people on Earth. This is the main reason you should never give up going to church (see  Hebrews 10:24-25).




You miss God’s blessings, if you don’t go to church.




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