You must respond to God’s call to serve him.

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Alt=You must respond to God's call to serve him.
You must respond to God’s call to serve him.




Makko  Musagara




Our Heavenly Father calls specific people to step out of their way of life and serve Him, but these people have great difficulty answering this call. This article shows why you must answer God’s call to serve Him.

How I responded to God’s call to serve.

God called me to serve him through a supernatural vision. [Read: How the Lord Gave Me His Message.] The Lord wanted me to take the message He gave me to the whole world. But for more than five years, I was held back.

The vision of a man caught in a spider’s web.

Then one night the Lord came to me in a vision while I was sleeping. In this vision, the Lord showed me a man caught in a spider’s web. This man was trying his best to move forward but couldn’t.

So I asked the Lord:


Lord, who is this person struggling with a spider web?


The Lord replied:


That person is you!


I was perplexed as to how this man could be me. So I answered:


Lord, this man cannot be me. I have never wrestled with a spider web like this.



The Lord replied:


I called you to serve me but you are being held back by family issues. Your work is also taking up a lot of your time. It’s all cobwebs holding you back.


The Lord continued:


You pay little attention to the ministry I have given you. Starting tonight, I am giving you a second chance. You can get out of the cobweb and move forward if you give the ministry I gave you more time. Stop worrying about your material needs because I will take care of them.


After the words, I woke up from this dream.


I got out of the cobweb.

After this dream, I stopped worrying about my family and my job. Since then, I have been more worried about the message the Lord gave me.

The miracles of God.

As a result of my obedience, I began to see miracles in my family life. One of those miracles had to do with raising my children. From the time I accepted God’s call to ministry, the Lord has taken care of the education of all my children.

You must respond to God’s call to serve him.

If God has called you to ministry, stop worrying about the things of the world. God will take care of them. Focus on Heaven and the mission God has given you.



You must respond to God’s call to serve him.


Prayer that blocks Satan.

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