You will find your aborted child happy in Heaven

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Alt=You will find your aborted child happy in Heaven
You will find your aborted child happy in Heaven.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, if you ever aborted  a pregnancy at any stage of your life, don’t think that things stopped there. Our Father in Heaven who had blessed you with that child will ask his angels to take the rejected baby back to Heaven.

If you repent and later you enter Heaven, you will find your aborted child happy in Heaven

The life of a baby does not start on Earth.

Heavenly Father wants to advise all people that the life of a baby does not start on earth, as many believe. Life actually starts in Heaven when Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit sit together and ask themselves like this:

Who will reproduce this baby on Earth?


Then they decide who the father and mother will be on Earth.

This is how Jesus Christ was born on Earth.

Before he was born on earth, Jesus Christ had already lived in Heaven (see John 1:1-2) . Then Father in Heaven, together with the Holy Spirit agreed that Jesus will be born as a baby to a carpenter called  Joseph, and a woman called Mary on earth. Everything on earth went as planned in Heaven.

Ordinary or difficult situations.

God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit also decide whether that baby will be born under ordinary, or culturally difficult situations.

This is the reason why pregnancies got under culturally difficult situations should not be aborted (see Psalm 139:13-16 ).

Don’t terminate the pregnancy.

Father in heaven is advising all women not to terminate the pregnancy, regardless of the circumstances because God can use in unusual ways the spared baby.

In case you  decide to terminate the pregnancy.

If the pregnancy is aborted, even if the fetus was only two months old, God will order his angel to reconstruct the aborted fetus into a real baby.

Then God will order the angel to comfort the baby and bring this baby back to Heaven.

In case you repent and go to Heaven.

If you go ahead and abort the pregnancy, and later in life you repent to God through Jesus Christ and enter Heaven, Heavenly Father assures you that you will find your rejected child playing happily in Heaven.





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