Your actions replicated in heaven

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Alt=Your actions replicated in heaven
Your actions replicated in heaven.




 Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may not believe it, but it’s true. Most of your actions on earth are replicated in one way or another in heaven.

What Jesus said.

Let’s start with what our Lord Jesus Christ said about this. He said that when you bind something on earth, heaven responds by binding it as well. And when you lose something on earth, heaven responds by releasing it too (Matthew 18:18).

Build God’s house on earth.

When you build God’s house (church building) on earth, God’s angels in heaven respond by building your house in heaven. The more you invest in God’s Kingdom on earth, the more beautiful your home in heaven will be.

Winning souls for Jesus.

When you win a soul for Jesus on earth, God’s angels in heaven respond by putting a precious stone on your crown in heaven. The more souls you win, the more precious stones adorn your crown and await you in heaven.

Build a house for the homeless.

When you build a house for a homeless person on earth, God’s angels respond by building one for you in heaven.

Forgiving someone.

When you forgive someone on earth, heaven responds by forgiving you too and opens its doors to you. If you refuse to forgive, heaven will also refuse to forgive you. It will close its doors to prevent your entry. This is how many unforgiving Christians end up going to hell.


When you get angry with someone on earth, heaven also gets angry with you and closes its doors. No angry person can enter heaven unless he repents and asks God for forgiveness.

Stealing someone’s property.

When you steal someone’s property on earth, you give legal authority to Satan and demons. They will eagerly await the release of your blessings from heaven. They will steal them as soon as they come out of the sky.

Curse someone.

If you are a Christian and you curse another Christian, Satan and the demons will wait for your blessings from heaven. They will turn them into curses.

Hinder the advancement of others.

If you are a Christian and you unjustly hinder or block another person’s advancement, Heaven responds by blocking your blessings and advancement as well.

Tithes and offerings.

When you faithfully tithe and give your offerings to God’s servants on earth, heaven responds by opening its doors to your income. Heaven will pour out so many blessings that there won’t be enough room to store them.





Prayer that blocks Satan.



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