Your dead person still lives

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Your dead person still lives
Your dead person still lives


By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, have you lost a beloved relative? If that person died in the Lord, do not worry or grieve anymore. That person is happily living with the Lord. In this post I will tell you why your dead person lives.

My mother-in-law

About fourteen year ago I lost my beloved mother-in-law. She was such a wonderful calm woman with a real heart of  Jesus Christ. At the age of about 70 she passed away after heart complications.

My wife was devastated by her death because, after losing her Dad when she was young, her mom was her everything. For many months my wife would wake up to cry, after remembering her late mum. I was in a confused state, as I did not know what to do to comfort her.

The heavenly dream that changed my wife.

One night my wife got a wonderful heavenly dream. In this dream my wife found herself in a very beautiful heavenly landscape. As she continued admiring the singing flowers and birds she suddenly saw a white bus coming towards her. The bus stopped not far from where she was standing, and out of it came her late mother!

She was not the old mum she used to see on earth. Her mum from the white bus looked like she was when she was 20 years old! Her facial skin was so smooth and shining. She did not have the wrinkles she had on earth. She had no pain that she had as she was dying in hospital on Earth. She was putting on a very brilliant white dress that looked like a wedding gown.

My wife was so happy to see her late mum in such a beautiful and happy form.  Then, in this dream, my wife rushed to hug her. My mother-in-law stopped her saying: “No, you cannot come this way because your time has not come!”. She went back in the white bus and it vanished!.

My wife violently woke me up from my deep sleep to tell me the exciting news.

“I saw my mom!, I saw my mom! I saw my mom!” my wife exclaimed.

“Where did you see your mom? Is she in our living room?, or our kitchen?”

“I saw her in Heaven!. She is living happily in Heaven! She is with the Lord!”

From that date until now my wife has never grieved about her mum. She is convinced her mum is in the safe hands of our Lord! This is the reason I assure that your dead relative still lives.



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