God’s language of trances.

    By  Makko Musagara   Dear reader, I was hesitant to write this article because some people view trances differently. What changed my mind is that God speaks to me a lot through trances. God’s Kingdom has trances as … Continued

Satan’s days are now numbered.

  By  Makko Musagara   Dear reader, I have some good news from Heaven. Satan’s days of disturbing God’s people are now numbered. Soon he will be no more and God’s people will be set free from his deceptions and … Continued

Things that obstruct God’s voice

  By  Makko Musagara   Dear reader, our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are many times in a sad state. They always want to talk to Christians on earth directly on a personal basis but there … Continued

Your Heaven wedding card.

  Your Heaven wedding card.   By  Makko Musagara   Your Heaven wedding card. Dear reader, count yourself blessed (Revelation 19:9). You may not believe this, but it is happening before your very eyes. God has sent you this special … Continued

Four secrets about God.

Four secrets about God.   By Makko Musagara   Four secrets about God. Dear reader, I would like to share with you four secrets about God that very few Christians know about. Secret number one. Day and night  Satan goes … Continued

Power in Agreement.

  Power in Agreement.   By Makko Musagara   Power in Agreement Dear reader, I don’t know whether you watch T.V. channels of the wild. If you do, you may have observed that a lone lion can only kill small … Continued

Seeking God on the Internet.

Seeking God on the Internet.   By Makko Musagara   Seeking God on the Internet. Dear reader, you have at your disposal a great tool to enable you seek  and improve your relationship with God. This tool is the Internet, … Continued

Demonic spirit of division.

Demonic spirit of division.   By  Makko Musagara   Demonic spirit of division Dear reader, as you sleep at night, Satan and demons are not sleeping. The Devil is busy assigning his principal demons to do things that will drive … Continued

Demons that pay cash.

  Demons that pay cash.   By  Makko Musagara   Cash from nowhere. Dear reader, you may not believe this, but I can confirm it is true. There is a rural area in my country where God directed my family … Continued