Your Internet search history to be displayed.

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Your Internet search history to be displayed.
Your Internet search history to be displayed.


By  Makko Musagara


Your Internet search history to be displayed.

Dear reader, you may not believe what I am about to tell you, but it is the real truth. You may be alone to search the Internet and watch whatever pleases your eyes. In this article God is warning you that there is a place where everything you search and watch on the Internet is permanently recorded. You are about to know this place.

God’s Data Center

You may find some difficulty believing this, but it is the real truth.  God has his own Data Center in Heaven. This center monitors and records video data on every individual on Earth from the day a person is born up to the day that person passes away from Earth. Unlike data rooms on Earth, God’s Data center is manned and operated by heavenly angels.

God’s Data center is mentioned in the Bible.

The Bible talks of God using information from his heavenly Data center in the Book of Ecclesiastes 12:14:

For God will bring every act to judgment, every hidden and secret thing, whether it is good or evil.”


Whatever you search on the Internet is stored on your file in God’s Data Center in Heaven.


Your Internet search history is stored in Heaven.

Whatever you search and watch on the Internet is permanently stored in God’s Data center in Heaven. It will be retrieved and displayed before you, God and his angels on the Day of Judgment as indicated in the Book of Revelation 20:11-12.

Watch the Internet honorably.

Dear reader, start watching the Internet honorably knowing that whatever you search and watch is being monitored and recorded in Heaven. These records will be displayed before God and his multitude of angels on your Day of Judgement. Hear what the written Word of God says about this display:

For there is nothing hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come out into the open”  Luke 8:17



Prayer that blocks Satan.


The minefield to Heaven.


Satan flees before you complete these words!


A sign you are close to Heaven

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