Your prayer makes God’s angels fight demons

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Alt=Your prayer makes God's angels fight demons
Your prayer makes God’s angels fight demons.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, all Christians should know that prayer is a very powerful spiritual weapon. As soon as you start praying, something will happen in the spiritual realm. Your prayer makes God‘s angels fight demons.

God will command his army of angels.

When you start praying, our Father in Heaven will command his fighting angels to come to your rescue. These angels are very powerful. They have special ability to demobilize demons. Hear what the written word of God says about this matter:


For God will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.


  Psalm 91:11


How God’s angels attack demons.

God’s angels will first attack demons with heavenly beams of light and beams of fire. Then God‘s angels will severely beat up these demons. Finally God’s angels will bind the affected demons with heavenly chains.

All chained demons will no longer be able to fight or affect your life in any way. Chained demons will be isolated and kept in a prison for demons until the day of God’s judgement.

The more you pray, the more you give victory to God’s angels.

Dear Christian, you have to know this secret about prayer. The more you intensify your prayer, the more you give victory to God’s angels over the demons that were attacking you.

Make your prayer more powerful by quoting the following Bible verses.


Father in Heaven, you promised in Isaiah 49:25 that you will fight those who are fighting me. Father, please deploy your angels to fight all the demons and persons attacking me.


Father in Heaven, you promised in Exodus 23:22 that you would be an enemy to my enemies. You promised to oppose those who oppose me. Father, please send your angels to fight the demons and all persons that are fighting me.






Prayer that blocks Satan.

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