Your preemptive attack on Satan and demons.

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Alt=Your preemptive attack on Satan and demons.
Your preemptive attack on Satan and demons.



Makko  Musagara



Dear reader, the strategy I am going to share with you is one of the best, if you are to defeat Satan and demons.

The problem today.

The problem we have today is that many Christians wait for Satan and demons to attack them, and then these Christians take action. They start panicking by praying, fasting, and going from one minister of God to another for prayers.

Start preemptive attacks on Satan and demons.

In this article God is instructing all Christians to start preemptive attacks against Satan and demons. If they do, they will see less demonic attacks in their lives.

What is a preemptive attack?

In a simple military language, a preemptive attack means attacking your enemy before that enemy attacks you. The country that uses this type of warfare most is Israel. This blessed nation has always struck their enemy positions and weapons before they are used against Israel.

The 1967 Israel War.

During the 1967 Israel-Arab war, Egypt prepared its air force to attack Israeli. The Israel air force launched a preemptive attack on most of Egypt’s fighter planes before they left their bases.

Egyptians were caught by surprise and a total of 338 Egyptian fighter aircrafts were destroyed. In this attack, 100 Egyptian pilots were killed. This is how Israel won that war.

Satan has launching bases for demons.

The Lord wants to inform all Christians that Satan has his own bases from which he launches demons that attack Christians. These bases include places in the underworld, graveyards, shrines used by witches, and shrines used by Satanists.

Satan’s hours of attacking Christians.

In this post the Lord wants to inform Christians that most attacks from Satan and demons occur between 2:00am and 3:00am

How to carry out a preemptive attack against Satan and demons.

Since we know Satan’s attacking hours, the best time to attack his camps and bases is between Midnight and 2:00am.

Start with the Lord’s Prayer.

Ask God to strike the bases of Satan and demons because he promised to fight for you. Use Exodus 14:14 to activate God.

Command God’s warrior angels to go out and attack the bases of Satan and demons. Use Psalm 91:11 to activate Angel Michael and his army of combat angels. Give specific instructions for angels to immobilize all demons that were planning to attack you.

Hold your hand on the wall of your house praying that no demon will enter your house. Close all the portals Satan and demons would have used to enter your house.

Cover yourself, and all your house with the Blood of Jesus Christ.



Your preemptive attack on Satan and demons.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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