Your vase of heavenly oil

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Alt=Your vase of heavenly oil
Your vase of heavenly oil.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, as soon as a person receives Jesus Christ as the Lord of his life, a supernatural vase for divine oil is made for that Christian. I am not talking of the anointing, but your vase of heavenly oil.

This becomes that Christian’s vessel of heavenly oil. This oil and vessel are mentioned in Zechariah 4:12-14 and in Mathew 25:1-13.

Vases with different levels of oil.

Divine oil vases of Christians on Earth are at different levels because each person acts differently.

Some vessels are full, others are half full and there are some which are quarter full, while there are some vessels that are completely empty.

In this article I show you four things that determine the level of oil in every Christian’s vase.


Prayer determines the level of divine oil in every Christian’s vase. The more a Christian prays, the more there is supernatural oil in that person’s vase.

Reading the Bible.

As soon as a Christian starts reading God’s written word in the Bible, God’s supernatural oil starts trickling in that person’s heavenly vase. The more a person reads God‘s word, the more oil God’s angels put in the vase.

Praise and worship.

Your praise and worship makes impact in heaven. The more a Christian praises and worships God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, the more oil goes into that person’s heavenly vase.

Spiritual Fasting.

Every spiritual fast a Christian makes on Earth counts in heaven. The more a Christian fasts, the more divine oil God’s angels pour in the heavenly vase.

The purpose of  this oil.

The supernatural oil in your vase has three main purposes. First, it helps when a Christian is serving God. The more oil a person has in their vessel, the more that person can overcome Satan, demons, and all the wicked forces.

Secondly, the oil in your vase helps God‘s angels to fight for you. The more oil you have in your vase, the more God’s angels will fight your battles.

Thirdly, this oil helps you prepare for Jesus Christ’s return. The more oil you have in your vase, the more you are prepared for our Lord’s return (see Mathew 25:1-13.).



Your vase of heavenly oil.


Prayer that blocks Satan.



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