10 things maids can do to take your man

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Alt=10 things maids can do to take your man
10 things maids can do to take your man.



Makko Musagara



I usually hear about the problems of married women, and one of them is their problems with housemaids. It’s from my many conversations with married women that I present to you 10 things maids can do to get your man.

Satan can use a maid to destroy a marriage.

From these conversations, I came to the conclusion that the Devil uses handmaids to destroy marriages, especially those of Christians. It is for this reason that some married women have given up using housekeepers in their homes.


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1. In your absence, a maid can dress to sexually provoke your man.

I advise all married women to give their housemids an appropriate dress code. Once, when my wife was away, our housekeeper took a while to get out of her room.

Later, I was shocked when she came out with seductive makeup and painted red lips. I remained silent but reported her behavior to my wife who warned her. Why should I go to hell because of a housemaid?


2. In your absence, a maid can sit in a way to sexually provoke your man.

In such circumstances, you should always tell your housekeeper how to sit properly.


3. In your absence, when your man is at home, a housekeeper can even do the household chores without underwear.


4. Some maids, especially in Africa, Latin America, and Asia go to the extent of consulting witches to win your man.

Maids like these administer witchcraft concoctions into the food your husband is supposed to eat.

I remember once when we had such a maid and one night the Lord showed her to me vividly in a dream. In this dream I saw this housemaid taking a small bottle out of her pocket and poured the contents into the food she prepared for me.

This was a warning from God. I told my wife about this dream and we quickly ended this maid.

Furthermore, some housemaids can use your husband’s clothing such as underwear, socks, and handkerchiefs to consult witches. Afterwards the man just finds himself sleeping with the maid!


5. If you are not at home a maid may take on your role to welcome and handle your husband as you would.

In such circumstances, you have to set limits for your maid.

6. If you give your maid access to your bedroom, you have given her access to your husband’s sex life.

Why don’t you  clean your bedroom yourself?



7. Make sure you never get a misunderstanding with your husband in front of your maid.

She may use this conflict to her advantage by treating your husband better than you do.

8. A maid may engage your husband in long questionable conversations.

In such circumstances you have to caution both the maid and your husband.


9. A maid may, without your knowledge, move out to meet your husband at a location far from your home.

Always monitor the movements of your maid.

10. A maid may initiate phone conversations with your man

I advise you to make some impromptu checks on her phone and bedroom for any signs.



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