13 dangers of jealousy and envy.

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Alt=13 dangers of jealousy and envy.
13 dangers of jealousy and envy.




Makko Musagara




Jealousy and envy are very dangerous evil spirits. If you allow these spirits to enter your heart, they can have the following seven side effects on your life.

1. Jealousy and envy will drive the presence of God out of your life.

2. The Holy Spirit will leave you as it did with King Saul when he envied David.

3. These spirits will open the doors for other evil spirits to attack you.

4. These two spirits can open the door to illness.

5. Jealousy and envy can easily invite spiritual murder into your heart, as it did to Cain.

6. Jealousy and envy will hinder your progress and blessings.

7. If you die without repenting of the sin of jealousy and envy, you may end up in hell.

8. If you are a woman, the spirit of jealousy can lead to infertility or continuous periods.

9. If you confess to being a Christian and harbor jealousy in your heart, you cannot pray effectively.

10. Satan will obstruct your prayers and God may not hear them.

11. Jealousy and envy will lead to hell.

12. If you don’t change, God will bless the person you envy more.

13. An envious and jealous person will never prosper financialy because Satan will always be stealing the blessings.


Here is how you can reverse the situation.

Repent now of this sin and ask God to forgive you as you start a new life. Replace jealousy or envy with love and praying for those you have been envious of. If you do this, God will bless you abundantly and you will be set free.

After the Lord’s Prayer, pray as indicated below to get rid of jealousy and envy:


Father I come to you in Jesus’ Name.

It is written that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

My body is not a temple for jealousy or envy.

It is written that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven.

I bind you spirits of jealousy and envy and I cast you into the bottomless pit.

Never come back into my body again.

Holy Spirit to come and dwell within my body, spirit, and soul

Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit



13 dangers of jealousy and envy.

Prayer that blocks Satan.

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  1. Tanisha Willingham

    Hi my name Tanisha W and I went to church was in witchcraft voodoo I stop goin to church years ago. .but for pass 2 year it like evil spirit following me nasty dream and I see the people sometime where ever I go..I feel haunted and can’t sleep even negatively everywhere I go sometime in my personal life..and I hear there voice but I don’t Kno how get rid of it..I pray, repent and I seek cousel..cause alot trouble and I feel it block the normal ram of things..play with my personal part in dreams and I hear there voice like try interrupt my thinking and dream rats … Any advise..

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