13 statements that curse your own child

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Alt=13 statements that curse your own child
13 statements that curse your own child.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, some parents unknowingly curse their own children through the angry statements they make to their children. Christians should know that demons are always on standby, waiting for any negative word from your mouth.

As soon as demons hear your negative statement, they will rush and report that statement to Satan. The Devil will then assign demons that will fulfil your statement in that child’s life.  In this article I give you 13 statements that curse your own child.

You are useless.

Demons of failure and misery will invade that child. It will take a lot of prayers to deliver that child.

You are hopeless.

Demons of hopelessness and failure will attack that child.

You are good for nothing.

Demons of uselessness will attack that child.

You are not my child.

Your child will grow like an orphan. That child may end up becoming a homeless person.

You are stupid.

Demons of stupidity will attack that child. That child may never excel at school, and in life.

You will never make it.

Demons of failure will invade that child. That child will never make it in life, just as you pronounced.

Demons of wickedness will invade that child. That child’s behavior will always incline towards wickedness.

You are empty-headed.

Demons will immediately attack your child. They will replace the brains of your child with sponge material.

I am fed up with this child.

Demons of death will invade that child.

Look at “it”.

If you call your own child “it”, that child will cease to be in the category of humans. Satan will assign demons that will turn your child into a beast.

Shame on you.

God‘s glory may vanish from that child. Satan will assign demons of shame on your child. Favor and honor may always move away from your child.

I wish you were not born.

Demons of death will always attack this child.

I think this child has demons in his head.

Satan will like this statement. The Devil will immediately command hundreds of demons to enter your child.





Prayer that blocks Satan.


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