20 benefits of a prayerful life

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20 benefits of a prayerful life
20 benefits of a prayerful life



By  Makko Musagara


By prayerful life I mean praying frequently day and night, even if such prayers are short. For example, you pray every time you wake up at night, you pray at midnight, at 2:00am, at 6:00am, pray before eating, pray for your family members, pray for your vehicle, pray before leaving  home, pray as soon as you arrive at your work place, pray before meeting other people, pray at lunch time, pray before leaving your workplace, pray as soon as you come back home, and pray before you sleep. Prayerful life also involves intercession for others. Here are the 20 benefits of such a prayerful life.

  1. You will attract the attention of God our Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit..
  2. You will generate spiritual power that will enable you to confront evil powers.
  3. You will be set free from demonic attacks.
  4. An invisible wall of fire will be created around you.
  5. Demons will fear coming near you.
  6. You will not depend on other persons to pray for you.
  7. You will not spill the secrets of your personal life to other persons for the sake of being prayed for.
  8. You will walk closely with God and He will guide you in whatever you do.
  9. You will set free other people.
  10. God will reveal to you many things in the spiritual realm.
  11. You will not be worried about your enemies.
  12. Your faith in God’s abilities will grow.
  13. Demons will not intercept God’s heavenly blessings destined to you.
  14. You will be victorious in dreams. Instead of being chased by your enemies, you will dream chasing demons and your enemies.
  15. You will be more focused on heavenly things instead of earthly ones.
  16. You will activate God’s angels to fight on your behalf. They will contend with those contending with you.
  17. You will destroy the traps Satan has set for you.
  18. You will overcome trials and temptations.
  19. God will restore your blessings that had been stolen by the devil.
  20. You will be prepared for Heaven anytime.


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