Seven signs that God woke you up

      Makko Musagara     Dear reader, our Father in Heaven is always waking up people on earth to pray or read the Bible, but many fail to realize this. In the article I show you seven signs … Continued

God warns us of dangers, but many refuse to pray

      Makko Musagara     Dear reader, God sees danger coming in the lives of many people and he wakes them up to pray, but they do not understand, so they continue sleeping. Ultimately, they end up coming … Continued

Stabbed in a dream, see what happened next day!

    By  Makko Musagara   Dear reader, what do you do after a dream in which someone stabbed you in the chest? I believe you would suddenly wake up, sit in your bed, with thousands of thoughts of worry … Continued

10 signs showing God has answered your prayer

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