3 Signs that your holiness has pleased God

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Alt=3 Signs that your holiness has pleased God
3 Signs that your holiness has pleased God.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, as you walk with our heavenly Father, he will in one way or another show you the state of your holiness and spirituality.

In this article I show you three signs showing that God is pleased with the status of your holiness.

Your holiness pleases God.

Our Father in Heaven is pleased when you opt for repentance and holiness instead of living a sinful life. Listen to what the written word of God in the Bible says:


Then Hezekiah repented of the pride of his heart, as did the people of Jerusalem;

therefore the Lord’s wrath did not come on them  during the days of Hezekiah.

2 Chronicles 32:26


You will begin to see pure water.

To see pure water in a dream, a vision, or a heavenly trance means that our Father in Heaven is pleased with your level of holiness.

Continue seeking Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit by turning away from sin.

You will see yourself dressed in pure white.

When your holiness reaches a level that pleases our Father in Heaven, you will see yourself putting on white. This happens in dreams, visions, and heavenly trances.

After getting such a dream, continue pleasing God by staying away from sin.

Seeing yourself wearing stained or dirty clothes means that you have some repentance to do. You must repent and start a new way of life that pleases God.

Walking on a clean surface.

If you see yourself in a dream or a vision walking on a clean surface or a white floor, it means that you have departed from your old sinful lifestyle.

God is pleased with you because you are trying your best to pursue a life of holiness.

Seeing yourself walking in a dirty place means that God wants you to move away from your current lifestyle to a way of life that pleases him.




3 Signs that your holiness has pleased God.




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