3 Sins that can linger in God’s presence for years

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Alt=3 Sins that can linger in God's presence for years

3 Sins that can linger in God’s presence for years.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, not all sins are the same because some are so serious that they can linger in the presence of Heavenly Father for many years.

In this article I present to you three sins that may never go away from God’s presence unless one sincerely repents.


When a person is murdered, the blood of that person is always crying in Heaven asking for God’s vengeance. This is exactly what happened in the case of Abel who was murdered by his brother.

Listen to what Heavenly Father said to the murderer:


The Lord said, “What have you done?

Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.


Genesis 4:10


For this reason, the murderer and his family will experience many problems and have no peace until they sincerely repent and are cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ.


The sin of abortion is so serious that it can linger in God’s presence for many years. The aborted child will always come before Jesus Christ asking him to go and punish the mother.

As a result, the mother will have so many problems and have no peace until she sincerely repents and is forgiven by Heavenly Father.



Rebellion against God.

If God asks you to do something and you refuse to do it, that case can stay in God’s presence for so many years. The rebellious person will never have peace until he repents and does what God told him to do.

If that person doesn’t repent, that sin can continue in the family for generations. The great-grand children will wonder why they have many problems.

Then the voice of God will tell them like this:


Because your great-grandfather rebelled against me.






3 Sins that can linger in God’s presence for years.



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