6 Consequences of always being so hard on your child

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6 Consequences of being always harsh on your child
6 Consequences of always being hard on your child.




Makko Musagara




Some parents believe that being so tough is the best way to raise a child. They don’t know that they are creating problems, some of which can last for years.

The child can hate you for years.

If you are that hard on a child, he might hate you for the rest of  his life. When he grows up, this child will always remember how you mistreated him.

Emotional issues.

Being hard on your child may create emotions that last the lifetime of that  child. For example, this child can grow up fearful of people or fearful of being blamed.

Effect on academic performance.

A child with difficult parents can be slow to learn or concentrate in class. As this child grows, he may totally lose interest in academics.


6 Consequences of always being so hard on your child
This child may have trouble concentrating in class.


Low sel-esteem

Being harsh with a child can affect their self-esteem as they always thinks that they can be blamed or unappreciated.

A child can wander away from home.

Due to difficult parents, a child may choose to stay away from home.


6 Consequences of always being so hard on your child
A child may choose to keep away from home because of difficult parents.  


Impact on marriage and relationships.

Being so harsh can create relationship and  marital problems for your child. For example when he grows up, this child may choose to stay alone without a spouse. On the other hand, this child may become so hard on lovers or  the spouse.

Effect on your grandchildren.

Being so harsh can be inherited by your child so that when he grows up, he also becomes harsh and rude to his offspring.

Medical consequences.

A child with difficult parents may develop medical issues such as memory loss, anxiety, depression, and sexual dysfunctions. I know of a man who became impotent because during his childhood his mother always hit his head as punishment.

Use of illegal drugs.

Being so hard can lead your child ito use illegal drugs.

A child can commit suicide.

A difficult parent can create suicidal thoughts in a child. I know of a child who attempted suicide because he was so afraid of the punishment that was going to come from his father.








6 Consequences of always being so hard on your child.



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