6 dangers of sex in a dream

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6 dangers of sex in a dream
6 dangers of sex in a dream



By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may not believe what I am about to tell you, but it is the real truth. It is so dangerous to get a dream in which you are having sexual intercourse with someone. In this article I show you 6 dangers of sex in a dream.

The radio talk show.

Before I tell you the six dangers, let me share with you this short true story. One time I was listening to a radio talk show when the two men in the studio started discussing a man who had a spiritual problem. Every time this man slept, he saw a beautiful woman coming to him to make love. This man always ended up having sexual intercourse in a dream with this mystery woman.

As the radio talk show continued, I herd one of the men in the studio saying that:

As for me, if that beautiful woman came to me in a dream, I would accept her without any delay“.

I quickly switched off my radio because this man did not know what he was wishing for.

You are about to know the dangers of having sex in a dream.

The person in the dream is a demon.

The first truth you must know is that the person who had sexual intercourse with you in a dream is not a human being as you may think. That person is a demon. It may be a demon from the graves, or from elsewhere in Satan‘s kingdom. Such a demon can disguise itself in your dreams to look exactly like your true human lover, your earthly friend, or someone else in the real world.


Having sex in dreams will bring you so many curses. I am going to mention some of these curses in this article.

Your life will be tainted.

The first thing this demon will do is to taint your spiritual life. This demon will cover you with spiritual stains. No person with spiritual stains can enter Heaven. You may end up in eternal suffering.

Personal problems.

Having sex in a dream may create a lot of personal problems for you. One common problem is bad odor. No perfume can take away a demonic bad odor.

Marriage issues.

Sex in a dream will bring you so many marriage issues. For example, you may find that no human partner ever pleases you in bed.

Death of your human partners.

There is one young woman who used to have sexual intercourse with a mystery man in dreams. She did not seek God about these dreams. As time went on, every man in this physical world who wanted to marry her ended up dying.


You must pray as soon as you wake up. If you don’t take any action about having sexual intercourse in dreams,  you may end up suffering eternally in Hell.




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    • Makko Musagara

      Jesus Christ can help you. You have to live a life of repentance, prayer, and fasting. For example, it is important to pray before you sleep to prevent the demons from attacking you.

      Secondly, you have to find a honest minister of God near you with a strong ministry of discernment and deliverance for prayers.


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