6 Sins that can cause serious health problems for a Christian

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6 Sins that can cause serious health problems for a Christian
6 Sins that can cause serious health problems for a Christian.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may find some difficulty believing this, but it is the truth. Sometimes sin may open spiritual doors on a person’s life that may lead to serious illness.

In this article I show you six sins that can cause serious health issues for a Christian.

A man who was sick for 38 years because of sin.

The Bible mentions a man who was sick for 38 years because of sin. After Jesus Christ healed this man, he commanded him like this:


 “See, you are well again.

Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” 

The man went away and told the Jewish leaders

 that it was Jesus who had made him well.


Most of the time the demons of sickness fail to enter a Christian who is walking faithfully with God. The only opportunity these demons can get is when that Christian becomes angry.

There was a young single Christian woman who belonged to a church choir and lived a good Christian life. One day on her way home from a Sunday church service she met a man who wanted to befriend her.

Unbeknownst to this woman, the man was an agent of the devil who wanted to take away all her holiness in Jesus Christ.

After this man failed to befriend her, he said these words:


“You are so ugly”


These words upset this woman so much that she could no longer control her emotions. She was forced to engage into a verbal exchange with this man and anger as well as bitterness lingered in her heart for some days.


 Anger and bitterness remained in her heart for some days.


As a result of anger and bitterness the spirits of lust and fornication entered into this woman. A few months later her choir mates realized that she was no longer coming for the singing rehearsals.

Later they were shocked to learn that she was pregnant at home.

Several months later, her fellow choir mates were even more surprised to learn that she had had an abortion.

Refusing to forgive.

You will open a door for many health problems, including cancer, mental issues, stomach ulcers, and many more, if you refuse to forgive.

Adultery and Fornication.

If you commit adultery or fornication, or if you have intentions to do so, Heavenly Father can give Satan permission to strike you with serious illness like a sore back, paralysis of some body parts, and complications resulting from accidents.


Adultery and fornication can cause accidents.


Envy and Jealousy.

When you become envious or jealous, you open a door for many sicknesses to enter your life.

Rebellion against God.

The sin of rebellion against God is like practicing witchcraft (see 1 Samuel 15:23), therefore a rebellious person is at risk of contracting many serious illnesses.

Because of rebellion, King Saul contracted many illnesses including depression, fear, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. All these health problems ultimately led to his death.





6 Sins that can cause serious health problems for a Christian.



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