6 spiritual forces attacking Christian homes at night

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Alt=6 spiritual forces attacking Christian homes at night
6 spiritual forces attacking Christian homes at night.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may not believe this, but it is true. Night time is Satan’s day time. As soon as darkness comes, the Devil, demons, and other wicked spiritual forces wake up to start their normal activities. One such activity is attacking the homes of Christians.

When you see any problem in a Christian home, know that some evil spiritual forces may have a link to that problem. In this article I show you 6 spiritual forces attacking Christian homes at night.

Signs showing a Christian was spiritually attacked.

Know that a Christian home was spiritually attacked when you see misfortunes, accidents, disease, fights, disagreements, divisions, financial losses, failures, lawlessness, drunkenness’, sexual immorality, and other spiritual problems.

Why these forces attack Christians.

Satan’s greatest enemy are the Christians. The Devil feels Christians should never go to Heaven, or live comfortable lives.

Why these forces attack at night.

Sleep puts a Christian in a weak state, both spiritually and physically. When a Christian sleeps, he becomes vulnerable to spiritual attacks. This is the reason why Satan and demons mostly attack from midnight to 5:00am every night.


These are Satan’s agents. They attack Christian homes to cause all kinds of problems. Demons bring sickness, divisions, failure in life, marital problems, and anything that makes a Christian uncomfortable.

Graveyard spirits.

When you dream of dead people, know that it is the graveyard spirits attacking you. They want to cause misfortune and problems in your life.

Curses from witches.

There are witches in every community in this world. They are Satan’s agents. A witch may be your neighbor or can be in the nearby town. Satan uses witches to send curses into the homes of Christians.

Ancestral spirits.

One or more of your deceased relatives may have, knowingly or unknowingly, made an agreement with Satan. This is the cause of ancestral spirits that attack Christians homes.

Your human enemies.

Every Christian has a living human enemy. These enemies may send spiritual forces that attack your home at night.

Make your home spiritually secure.

You can create a wall of spiritual fire around your house by praying, pronouncing God’s written word, pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ, worshipping God, and inviting God’s angels into your home.




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