7 Tough life decisions you’ll never regret

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Alt=7 Tough life decisions you'll never regret
7 Tough life decisions you’ll never regret.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, there are some life decisions that may seem difficult to make, but in the long run pay off a lot. In this article I present to you some of those decisions that you will never regret.

Deciding to forgive.

It is not an easy decision to forgive, but you will never regret  having made this choice because it will give you peace, freedom, and prevent you from perishing into hell.

To marry the right person.

You don’t need a lot of mental struggle or rationalization to marry the wrong person. On the contrary, it will take a difficult decision for you to marry the right person, and therefore, it is a choice you will never regret in your life.

Accepting Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life.

For many people it is a tough decision to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives. But once you decide, you will never regret this choice forever.


Choosing to invest heavily in the Kingdom of God.

You will need a lot of faith and tough decisions to invest heavily in the Kingdom of God, because the results may not be readily be evident. However, this is a decision that you will never regret for the whole of your life.

Making peace with your enemy.

It may not make sense, and it may require a tough decision, to make peace with your enemy. But in the long run you will never regret taking such a decision.

Forgetting your bad past.

For many people it may not be easy to forget their bad past; but once that decision is made, it will bring you peace, and prosperity the rest of your life.



Serving God.

It is a hard choice to answer God’s call to serve him, but later on in life you will realize you have made the right decision.





7 Tough life decisions you’ll never regret


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