7 Unusual ways God wakes you up to pray

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Alt=7 Unusual ways God wakes you up to pray
7 Unusual ways God wakes you up to pray




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, our heavenly Father always wakes up his people to pray, but many do not understand. This article shows you seven unusual ways that God wakes you up to pray.

Suddenly waking up.

Our heavenly Father can send his angel to wake you up, although you cannot see this angel with your eyes. In this situation, you will wake up suddenly.

Do not waste time. Immediately get out of bed and enter into prayer.

2. A certain sound can wake you up.

Our Heavenly Father may cause a certain sound to wake you up. For example, he may cause a phone to ring or an SMS message sound to disturb you.

Alternatively, God may cause another person in your home to slam a door.

3. Something may make your sleep uncomfortable.

Furthermore, God may cause something to make your sleep uncomfortable, hence waking you up. For example, God may cause an insect to disturb your sleep.


Alt=The spiritual meaning of being sleepless in bed.


4. A scary dream.

Also, God can use a scary dream to wake you up. In this situation, do not go back to bed. Immediately get out of bed and start praying.

Frightening dreams are common in situations where God warns you of impending danger.

5. God can deprive you of sleep.

Equally important, our Heavenly Father can deprive you of sleep. In this situation, you will go to bed but have trouble falling asleep.

In such circumstances, God will only give you sleep after you have prayed.

6. Something can happen to your body system.

As a matter of fact, our Heavenly Father can cause something to happen to your body system while you sleep. For example, you may suddenly feel like coughing.

In such a situation, immediately get out of bed and pray.

7. Woken up by a wind.

Also, Heavenly Father can cause a wind to blow through your home and disturb your sleep. Such a wind can move a door or something else inside your house, thus waking you up.





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