8 Causes of spiritual husbands and wives

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Alt=8 Causes of spiritual husbands and wives
8 Causes of spiritual husbands and wives.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, this article shares with you eight causes of spiritual husbands and wives. Only Jesus Christ can free the victims of these unwanted spiritual lovers.

#8. Sexual fantasies.


If a person indulges in sexual fantasies, he can attract demons that can become spiritual husbands and wives. God wants our mind to be holy, that is why we should flee from sexual fantasies.


#7. Fornication.


Fornication (sleeping with a person who is not one’s wife or husband) is a sin before God. Therefore, the devil uses fornication to introduce spiritual wives and husbands into the lives of many unsuspecting people.


#6. Uncontrolled lust.



Satan has sent demons into this world that can transform into beautiful men and women. If you lust after these transformed demons, they will return to the underworld and report your sexual desire to their master Satan.

While you sleep at night, the devil will bring you, in your dreams, the spiritual wife or husband who caught your attention.

Satan will say this to you in a dream while you sleep at night:


You showed interest in my daughter [or son],
That’s why I brought her to you for marriage.


Then you will officially get married in the supernatural world.


#5. Forced sex.

Some forced sexual relationships, especially when the victim is young, can be a source of spiritual husbands and wives.


#4. Agreements with the devil.



Some people unknowingly make agreements with the devil that turn them into victims of spiritual husbands and wives. Likewise, some children are handed over to the devil by their parents even before they are born. As a result, they will belong to the spiritual husband or wife for life.

Only Jesus Christ can deliver such individuals from this suffering.


#3. Pornography.



The devil and demons are hiding behind porn to sexually enter the lives of many unsuspecting individuals. Under such circumstances the victim will be sexually assaulted on a daily, as a result they will find it difficult to detach from these evil spirits, and pornography.

#2. Visiting witches, occultists or Satanists.



You are putting yourself in grave danger if you visit a witch, an occultist, or a Satanist. During such a visit you may unknowingly enter into an agreement that makes you a victim of a spiritual husband or a spiritual wife.

Only Jesus Christ can get you out of this situation.


# 1. Sex with a witch, an occultist, or a satanist.



Sleeping knowingly or unknowingly with a witch, an occultist, or a satanist is the number one source spiritual husbands and wives.

This is the reason why it is important to know the spiritual status of the person you want to sleep with. These people will want to possess you spiritually even after you break the relationship.




8 Causes of spiritual husbands and wives.


The weapon to stop Satan is actually found in Luke 11:4

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  1. Richard Roush

    Does Spirtaul wife’s find you if you look at porn very much???

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