Avoid religious debates

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Avoid religious debates
Avoid religious debates



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, I have seen some Christians making a very big mistake. They get involved into useless debates on GodJesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and on God’s written Word. I plead with you to avoid such religious debates because they are prompted by the Devil.

Jesus avoided religious debates.

When Jesus was being tempted in the wilderness, Satan wanted to engage him into the trick of a debate of Scriptures.  Jesus quickly realized the Devil’s trick and said: “Away from me, Satan!(Mathew 4:10). That marked the end of this debate.

Consequences of religious debates.

Satan’s aim is to see that you will never make it to Heaven. The Devil initiates debates because they result into strife, anger, divisions, confrontation and fighting each other. All these can lead a Christian to Hell.

Prayer is the best.

Instead of engaging in debates, it is better to pray for that person by binding and casting away demons that hinder him from knowing the truth. God will hear your prayer and He will deliver them so that they get to know the truth.

Concentrate on preaching the Gospel.

Instead of being involved in debates, it is better to concentrate on preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ to those opposing you. As you preach to them the truth, God’s anointing on you will slowly change their hearts. Preaching the Gospel does not need debates. Either someone accepts the truth or rejects it. Those who accept the truth will have eternal life while those who reject it will go into everlasting torment.



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