Baptism by immersion will set you free

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Alt=Baptism by immersion will set you free
Baptism by immersion will set you free.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, are you a Christian but facing many problems in life? The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you were baptized by immersion. If not, you better arrange this baptism as soon as possible because it will free you.

Jesus Christ was baptized by immersion.

First, our Lord Jesus Christ set an example for all Christians when he was baptized by immersion in the Jordan River.

Jesus had a new life.

Second, as soon as Jesus was baptized and came out of the water, his old spiritual nature disappeared. The heavens opened and the Spirit of God descended like a dove and rested on him and he gained new spiritual life.

The chains will be broken.

Third, after immersion in water, Heavenly Father will command His fighting angels to break the chains that keep you in spiritual bondage.


Alt=7 Signs that God is about to set you free


Covenants with Satan will be canceled.

Additionally, baptism by immersion voids any covenants you, your parents, or your ancestors have knowingly or unknowingly made with the devil.

All curses will disappear.

Additionally, when a person is baptized by immersion, any curses that were troubling them will be washed away by the Holy Spirit.

Burdens will be lightened.

Sixth, at the site of baptism, Jesus Christ himself will come and take away all your burdens (see Matthew 11:28).

Your name will be written in the Book of Baptisms which is found in Heaven.

After baptism, Heavenly Father will command His angels to write your name in the Heavenly Book of Baptisms.





Baptism by immersion cleanses your body, spirit, and soul.

Also, when you are immersed in water, you are cleansed in preparation for the Holy Spirit to come and occupy your body, spirit, and soul.





Baptism by immersion will set you free.



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  1. Yvonne Rahui

    Sounds to me like there was no need for the blood of Jesus!
    It’s the blood that cleanses, redeems, justifies us.
    Jesus fulfilled all the law, baptism being the last act apart from being the last & perfect sacrifice!
    Paul was called to preach Grace to the Gentiles & its all about faith..’not of works, lest any man boast’ “oh, I got baptized..I cleaned myself up”.

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