Beautiful imaginations

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Beautiful imaginations


By Makko Musagara

Dear reader, God gave you a mind like His. To create beautiful imaginations that will give His Kingdom glory. I remember one time the earth was full of darkness; so God imagined something beautiful. He imagined light – like that in Heaven where He dwells. So, He created light on earth.  God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness(Genesis 1:4)    

Start imagining things for God’s Kingdom

If you want to please God, instead of filling your mind with sinful thoughts, start imagining new things to be implemented on earth for His glory.

Do not worry about the funding of your beautiful imaginations. God will provide the means. All that He needs from you is your faith to implement these beautiful thoughts.

Personal testimony

About ten years ago God called my wife to a full-time ministry. He told her that there was a lot of darkness in the area where she was born. Many people in her area were under the bondage of Satan’s kingdom. Since she had seen the light of Jesus Christ, God wanted her to go to her home area and be a light in that darkness by starting a church.

She started with a small tent of about ten people. Then one time as were together at that site, I got an  imagination of a  very large and beautiful church building. I could see the beautiful entry porch. I saw a nice pulpit with roman pillars by the sides. I saw the glittering tiled floor. And many other nice things about that magnificent building.

Without any delay, I instructed workers to dig a foundation for the beautiful church building I had imagined. I did not have any money on my bank account and none of the few church members we had was capable of buying even a 50kg bag of cement; but I knew that somehow God would provide.

As construction of walls went on, I was blessed to represent my country at the American Bio International Convention in Chicago, USA. It was at this meeting that God supernaturally connected me to a South Korean Christian billionaire who had many chemical factories in his country. Through this connection, God helped me complete my imagination of a large beautiful church building.

Examples of beautiful imaginations

  1. Imagine yourself standing before thousands preaching the Gospel.
  2. Imagine starting a Christian FM radio or TV station in your area.
  3. Imagine yourself being a person of peace instead of being a source of conflicts.
  4. Imagine forgiving someone.
  5. Imagine feeding the hungry and clothing the naked.
  6. Imagine yourself redeeming many souls from Hell to Heaven.
  7. Imagine yourself donating millions of dollars to support ministries worldwide.


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