How Satan curses food to be eaten by Christians

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How Satan curses food to be eaten by Christians
How Satan curses food to be eaten by Christians.



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, I wish God can open your eyes to see everything happening in the supernatural  world. If the Lord opened your spiritual eyes, you would see how most food is contaminated by demonic forces. In this article I show you how Satan curses food eaten by Christians.

The revelation that scared me.

I remember one time I bought a bottle of clean mineral water in our town to drink at church. This water looked so clean and pure to my natural eyes. I was eager to drink it, thinking it would take away all my thirst. On reaching our church, I found that the worship service had already started, so I put the bottle of mineral water on the floor near my seat.

Suddenly, as the worship service continued, the Lord opened my spiritual eyes. I started seeing things in the supernatural world. The Lord specifically focused my spiritual eyes on the “pure mineral water” I had just bought. This water was now contaminated with a dead animal. My spiritual eyes saw the image of a dead animal within this water. The Lord revealed to me that this water was contaminated by demonic forces. I had two options; either to pray before drinking it, or throw it away. I chose the second option.

How Satan curses food eaten by Christians.

As a way of fighting God’s Kingdom, Satan is always contaminating and cursing food to be eaten by Christians. Satan does this by putting demonic forces on this food. The Devil wants Christians to get all sorts of problems including anger, sickness, nightmares, misfortunes, and death.

Christians must pray before eating.

How Satan curses food to be eaten by Christians
Our Lord Jesus Christ always prayed for food before eating it.


Our Lord Jesus Christ knew Satan’s tactic against God’s people. Jesus knew that most food is contaminated with demonic spirits. For this reason Jesus always asked our Father in Heaven to bless all food before Jesus ate it (see Mark 6:41).

This happens when you pray.

When you pray before eating, God’s glory will come upon that food. All demonic forces on that food will flee. That food will be spiritually purified. You will be blessed after eating that food.




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