Christian worship music cleanses your home

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Alt=Christian worship music cleanses your home
Christian worship music cleanses your home.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, something happens in your home when you play Christian music worshiping the name of God our Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Heaven will descend into your home.

There is continuous non-stop worship in heaven, and for this reason God’s heavenly presence will be attracted to wherever on earth worship music is being played.

When you play worship music, all heaven will be drawn to your home.

You will feel God’s presence.

As soon as you play Christian worship music, the heaviness of demonic oppression will go and you will feel God’s presence and holy fire.

God’s angels will come to your home.

Playing Christian music invites God’s angels from heaven to your house. The angels will chase away demons and sweep your home clean.

Satan and demons will flee.

Satan and demons cannot withstand God’s presence brought about by worship music. They will be forced to flee from your home.

Captives will be set free.

Playing worship music brings about God’s presence that sets captives in your home free.

Chains of bondage will be broken.

Worship music breaks chains that were holding you and your family members captive.

Your dreams will change.

Having Christian worship music all night in your house will drive away demonic dreams and give you dreams of victory and prosperity.

Supernatural healing.

Worship music will bring about spiritual and physical healing to your home. This is exactly what happened when King Saul was feeling unwell.

Worship music was played in his palace and he instantly felt good.

The peace of God will come to your house.

Worship music will drive away any conflict from your house and bring God’s peace.

Worship music removes depression.

As soon as you play worship music, the spirit of depression will flee your house. This is what happened every time King Saul played worship music in his palace (see 1 Samuel 16:23).

Worship music unblocks your ears.

Listening to non-Christian music or non Christian broadcasts blocks your ears to prevent your interaction with heaven. Christian worship music unblocks your ears so you can quickly discern and hear the voice of God our Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.





Christian worship music cleanses your home.


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