Cleanliness is of God

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Cleanliness is of God
Cleanliness is of God



By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, have you read anything about Heaven? You may have realized that Heaven is a very clean place with no dirt at all. Heaven has clean inhabitants and pleasing fragrant smells. God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are all very clean beings. God’s original intention was to duplicate the clean and pleasant environment in Heaven and transfer it to earth. This is exactly what He did when He created the Garden of Eden. Everything in that Garden (the plants, the atmosphere, the rivers and everything) was pleasant to God and man (Genesis 2:9). This is proof that cleanliness is of God.

Sin made the earth a dirty place.

After Satan and demons fell from Heaven, they were no longer clean beings. When Adam and Eve sinned, the pleasant atmosphere ceased as well because sin opened a door for Satan and demons to enter the Garden of Eden.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit restored cleanliness.

Look at the God’s temple in Jerusalem. It was supposed to be a clean place with pleasant fragrances. But instead this temple had been turned into a smelly market place. Jesus came together with the mighty power of the Holy Spirit and he restored this temple to its former glory and cleanliness. This is what Jesus does in our lives. When we accept him as our Lord and Savior, he casts away all the spiritual and physical uncleanliness. He restores God’s cleanliness in our lives.

Create your own Eden.

You can help God fulfill His plan for your life and the world at large by making a clean atmosphere wherever you are. Start creating this cleanliness in your bedroom, bathroom and then the rest of the rooms in your house. Make the outside of your house pleasant by keeping  it clean and by planting beautiful plants and flowers. Transfer this cleanliness to your workplace by making it a very clean workplace.



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