Dangers of Satanic riches

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Dangers of Satanic riches

Dangers of Satanic riches


By  Makko Musagara


Dangers of Satanic riches

Because of the biting poverty in many developing countries, many desperate men and women are attracted to riches from the dark world. In this this post I mention the dangers of Satanic riches.

Contact with Satan’s agents.

In order to get riches from Satan’s kingdom, the first step you have to make is to contact Satan’s agent in the visible world. This is where the first danger comes in: through this contact you are recruited into Satan’s kingdom.

Covenant with Satan.

The second stage comes when Satan’s agent makes for you something to eat, drink, or to  smear on your body. Through such items you are making an everlasting covenant with Satan. Satan will use this covenant not only on yourself but also on your children, grand children, and grand-grand children. No one can dismantle such covenants except Jesus Christ. I have seen many people suffer because of such agreements made by their parents, grand parents or grand-grand parents.

The third danger

The third, and most painful, danger comes when Satan asks you to pay the price for the riches you want. Satan usually asks for the blood of your closest relatives. He may need your own child, your brother or sister, or one of your parents.

Pains after getting Satanic riches

After getting Satan’s riches you have to surrender to the Devil parts of your freedom. You may have to surrender your fertility – so that you will never bear children again, or you surrender your ability to have sexual relations. In my country I heard of a man who had become very rich after sacrificing his child. Unfortunately, until his death, this man never slept all his life. Every time he attempted to sleep he would see the spirit of his dead child waking him up saying: “Dad, you killed me to have wealth. Wake up and go to make money”

The painful end

Unlike God’s riches, Satan’s wealth never lasts.  The beneficiary will end up in a mysterious death or Satan’s riches will vanish through strange circumstances and you will go back where you started.

Only God can give you true lasting riches.

Only God, through Jesus Christ, can give you peaceful and everlasting riches. Wealth you can pass on to your children, grand children, and the whole of your future generation. You may call God’s wealth generational blessings.




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