Demons that pay cash.

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Demons that pay cash.
Demons that pay cash.



By  Makko Musagara


Cash from nowhere.

Dear reader, you may not believe this, but I can confirm it is true. There is a rural area in my country where God directed my family to start a church. It is in this area that we found demons that pay cash to their human lovers.

When we first went to this area, it was infested with occult, witchcraft practices and demons. As a result, many settlers were suffering from all kinds of demonic oppression. We believe this is why God instructed us to start a church that would bring the light of Jesus Christ in this area.

In this post I would like to share with you this true story about a young woman who came to our newly established church and was delivered of the demon of a spiritual husband (an incubus demon) that was mysteriously bringing cash of genuine bank notes to her bedroom.

How it all started.

This young woman told us that it all started one day when she was at the age of about 14 years. She had come back from school and on going to her bedroom she found banknotes near her bed. All members in her family denied ever putting this cash in her bedroom.

The family decided that they use this money to buy her a young cow. After about a year, her family was baffled to see that this cow never grew at all. They sold it, but another strange thing was that the buyer never paid them as he had promised.

Sleeping with the spiritual husband.

At the age of 18 this spiritual husband started having sexual encounters with this young woman. This demon left cash after each encounter. With a lot of questions she kept these encounters to herself.

One day she told a trusted friend about this problem. This friend advised her not to worry as long as she continued getting the much needed money.

Death of three lovers.

Time came when she started having human lovers. The first died mysteriously. The same thing happened to the next consecutive two lovers.

Money disappearing everywhere she worked.

Another strange thing happened to this young woman. Every time she got a new job, money was mysteriously disappearing from the safes in her workplace.

As a result, many innocent workmates in these places were fired, yet she was the one responsible. She gave up on working because of this problem.

Failed marriage.

This young woman relocated from her rural village to the city where she got married. Something strange happened every time she slept with her new man.

This man always woke up only to find himself lying on the floor instead of their matrimonial bed! This marriage ended in a divorce and she decided to move back to her village where we had built the new church.


She became a  member of our church and after telling us her life story we prayed and cast the spiritual husband out of her life.

Since then she has lived a normal life with an enduring new marriage. This miracle made her one of the few most hardworking and trusted members of our church.



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