Fighting for the pulpit

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Fighting for the pulpit
Fighting for the pulpit


By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, some Christians think that the only way they can serve God is by going to the pulpit and ministering in front of a congregation. As a result of this misconception, these Christians go to the extent of fighting for the pulpit and microphone so as to exert their influence over the congregation. This is wrong. There are so many other ways of serving God, without going to the pulpit or fighting for the microphone.

How Jesus ministered.

Our Lord Jesus Christ ministered in many ways that did not require him to stand before crowds. Before sunrise, he prayed in secret and always interceded for others. He interceded for his disciples so that they do not fall into Satan’s temptations. He visited the sick and prayed for their healing. He had mercy on hungry people and fed them. He encouraged individuals who had lost hope and as a result they regained their faith in God. As a result, instead of running after the crowds, it was the crowds that were running after Jesus.

Examples of ministries that do not require the pulpit.

Interceding for your family and non-family members especially those who have not known Jesus yet.

Helping the needy and praying with them.

One-to-one evangelism.

Writing for God (Just as I do).

Encouraging the brokenhearted and praying with them.

Cleaning the church building and facilities.

Ushering in the church.

Visiting and praying for the sick.

Visiting and praying for prisoners.

Assisting motorists in your church parking lot.

Providing Christians with IT services.

Providing your church with legal services.

Washing your pastor’s vehicle.

Providing security services in your church.

Seek God’s will for your life.

Before fighting for the pulpit, seek God’s will for your life. God’s will may be very different from the ministry at the pulpit.


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