Giving up is of Satan

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Giving up is of Satan
Giving up is of Satan



By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, the Devil has assigned specific demons to cause Christians to give up or resign from whatever good thing they are doing. Giving up does not come from God. It is of Satan.

Why Satan wants you to give up.

The Devil wants you to give up so that God’s Kingdom does not advance any further. Planting suggestions of giving up in your mind is one of the ways Satan fights Christians. A very good example is someone who is prospecting for oil. You may have struggled to dig many meters deep in the right position where oil is located. Then, when you are only two meters to the oil reserve, the Devil plants discouraging ideas to make you think you have failed.

How the evil spirit of resignation works.

  1. Satan wants you to give up on God’s calling on your life. He will make you doubt whether God called you. This will be the beginning of your downfall.
  2. Satan wants you to give up on your marriage. You will start doubting whether God gave you the right partner.
  3. The Devil wants you to give up on preaching the Gospel. He will plant ideas to make you think your efforts are useless.
  4. Satan wants you to give up praying. Demons will suggest to you that God is not hearing your prayers.
  5. Satan will make you give up concentrating on God’s Kingdom. He will make you think that God does not care about you.
  6. Satan wants you to stop your walk to the promised land. He will put wrong ideas in your mind wanting you to go back to Egypt.
  7. The Devil will make you give up on Salvation. He wants you to go back to the world so that ultimately you go to Hell with him.

Therefore, do not give up. You have spent a lot of your efforts and time. I assures you that you are only a few meters to strike the oil God promised you.




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