God later forgave Samson

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God later forgave Samson
During the final hours of his life, Samson repented and God forgave him.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, you may find some difficulty believing what I am about to tell you, but it is the truth. Despite the fact that Samson made sinful mistakes, and his life ended tragically, God forgave him and he is now one of the saints in heaven.

This action saved Samson from Hell.

During the last hours of his life, Samson did something that saved his life from perishing into hell. He remembered God and he repented from the depth of his heart.

Samson cried within his heart as he pleaded for God’s mercy and forgiveness.  He realized that some of his actions had been sinful and had embarrassed God’s name.

As he continued crying within his heart, Samson pleaded with our Father in Heaven not to allow the devil drag him into hell.


Forgive my sins and remember me Lord!Samson wept (see Judges 16:28).


Samson repented of his sins.

Samson painfully begged God to wash him clean, and blot out his sins so that his name appears again in God’s Book of Life. Hear how Samson cried:


Then Samson prayed to the Lord,
 “Sovereign Lord, remember me.

  Judges 16:28


God heard Samson’s prayer.

God’s miracles never cease. At this moment when Samson was at his greatest point of spiritual need, our Father in heaven heard his prayer for mercy.

Soon after Samson’s prayer, two miracles happened. Our Father in heaven washed all Samson’s sins away, and secondly God gave Samson the supernatural strength he desperately needed.

Samson died a forgiven man.

Because of Samson’s repentance, and as a result of God’s great mercy, Samson died a forgiven man.

Samson is in heaven.

I can confirm in this article that Samson is one of the saints happily living with God our Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and other saints in heaven.

God’s warning to all Christians.

Our Father in heaven is warning all Christians not to wait for the last minute to repent and change their sinful ways. God gave Samson a rare divine favor and enough time to repent.

But many times Satan and demons bring sudden death to Christians so that they don’t have time to repent.

In many cases, sudden death takes a Christian to hell because there was no time for repentance.


Repent and change your ways now,
Then you will get my favor for eternal life

Says the Lord.





God later forgave Samson.




Do not lead us into temptation


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