God partners with those who try.

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Alt=God partners with those who try.
God partners with those who try.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, there is a secret in the Kingdom of God that you should know. It is better to attempt any task given by God than not to begin, because God partners with those who make an attempt.

Each person has an assignment from God.

Everyone in this world has an assignment from God our Father, but many people don’t know it. Some missions like preaching God’s word are directly related to His Kingdom, while others like leadership are indirectly related.

Your assignment started in Heaven.

Before you were born world, God our Father agreed with Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit about your mission on earth.

They also agreed on the family into which you will be born.

How to know your divine assignment.

If you want to know  the mission that God has entrusted to you, get on your knees, say the Lord’s Prayer, and then ask our heavenly Father to show you his assignment for your life.

God will show you, in one way or another, his assignment for your life.

Make an attempt to accomplish your heavenly assignment.

If you want God to be pleased with you, you must try to fulfill your divine mission. When our Father in heaven sees your efforts, he will command his angels concerning you to provide you with all the necessary funds, materials, time, and the people needed to accomplish your divine assignment.

God will judge any person who doesn’t attempt.

If a person doesn’t respond to his divine assignment, and he completely fails to make any attempt to complete that heavenly task, then the destination of that person may be hell.

This judgement is clearly indicated in the parable of the bags of gold in  Mathew 25:14-30  whereby one of the servants never made an attempt to start on God’s divine assignment.

Our Father commanded his angels to throw that man in hell as shown in the Bible verse below:


And throw that worthless servant outside,

into the darkness,

where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


Matthew 25:30





God partners with those who make an attempt.


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