God will bless the mistreated child the most.

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Alt=God will bless the mistreated child the most.
God will bless the mistreated child the most.




Makko Musagara




This is God’s warning to all parents and guardians of children. If there is any unjustly mistreated child in any family, then Heavenly Father will love and bless that child the most.

The boy David was mistreated.

This fact is clearly illustrated in the family of Jesse (see 1 Samuel 16) where the boy David was daily being mistreated.  In the first place, all the other children of Jesse were always resting at home but this boy, who was the youngest, was always sent alone to the wilderness to take care of the family sheep.

While alone in the wilderness this boy faced many challenges including loneliness, being attacked by ferocious wild animals, and going hungry.

He was always crying to God and at times he felt like killing himself.

Second, whenever there was an important visitor in Jesse’s house, that boy was always told to stay away. As a result of all this abuse, God loved this boy and blessed him more than all the other children in Jesse’s family.

This boy was not only exalted in the family of Jesse, God raised David above all other people in Israel.


Alt=God will bless the mistreated child the most.

The eyes of God roam the earth.

The Holy Spirit of God together with God’s angels are roaming the earth checking for families with mistreated children. If they find them, they will comfort and bless these children more than the most beloved children.


Love and treat all your children equally.

Heavenly Father asks all parents and guardians to love their children uniformly. If you love your children evenly, Heavenly Father will also love and bless them evenly.


Everyone gets sunlight.

This is what Heavenly Father says about sunlight:


I make the sun to shine on everyone,

good and bad people.
Why doesn’t your love shine uniformly to all your children?



Listen to what God says about rain.


I cause the rain to fall equally on everyone,

good or bad.
Why doesn’t your love shine evenly to all your children?


Therefore, be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.





God will bless the mistreated child the most.




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