God’s remedy for insomnia

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Alt=God's remedy for insomnia
God’s remedy for insomnia.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, I advise you to stop taking any medication or substance that enable you to sleep. In this article I show you God‘s remedy to insomnia.

The written word of God is a powerful weapon.

The word of God is like burning fire. It can destroy anything, including the evil spirit of insomnia. Hear what the Bible says:


“Is not My word like fire [that consumes all that cannot endure the test]?”

says the Lord,

“and like a hammer that breaks the [most stubborn] rock [in pieces]?


Jeremiah 23:29


Insomnia is afraid of the written word of God.

Insomnia is a living evil spirit, and the written word of God can destroy it. Insomnia cannot stay where the fire of God is. I have practiced what I am about to tell you, and this remedy works perfectly. If you practice God’s solution, sleep will overtake you in less than five minutes.

Here is God’s remedy.

Meditating on your favorite Bible verses.

Start today by writing down on a sheet of paper about ten of your favorite Bible verses. Recite them until you are able to memorize them without looking at the written piece of paper.

As soon as you want to sleep, start memorizing slowly these verses one by one. Read each Bible verse silently (without opening your lips) in your heart.

After completing reading the first verse within your mind, move on to the next.

Continue reading these verses until the last one.

I assure you that before you reach the seventh verse, insomnia would have already fled, and you would have already fallen asleep.

Meditating on your favorite Bible Psalm.

Another way of gathering sleep quickly is by silently reading (within your heart) your favorite Bible Psalm.

As soon as you want to sleep, start meditating on the first verse of your Psalm. Continue meditating until the last verse.

I assure you that before you reach the seventh verse of your favorite Psalm, you would have already fallen asleep.



God’s remedy for insomnia


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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