God’s sign that he will be faithful to you

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Alt=God's sign that he will be faithful to you
God’s sign that he will be faithful to you.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may find some difficulty believing what I am about to tell you, but this actually happened to me. You are about to see God’s unusual sign of confirming that he will be faithful.

God’s promises.

The Lord had made many promises to me some of which I could not believe, while others I did not take seriously.

Some of these promises concerned God’s divine assignment to me, while others were related to my family in general.

I doubted God’s promises.

One night as I lay awake on my bed, I doubted in my thoughts that Heavenly Father could keep his promises to me.

I said in my thoughts, without saying a word, like this:


I feel like giving up on life,
will God really keep his promises to me?



God saw my thoughts.

You may not believe this, but it actually happened. My thoughts echoed so loudly in heaven that Heavenly Father saw them.

It was as if my mind was connected by remote control to the sound system of Heaven.

A person’s spoken words may not reach Heaven, but I can confirm from this article that your thoughts, good or evil, are heard aloud in Heaven.

God sent his choir of angels.

After my doubts, I found myself slowly drifting into a deep but troubled sleep.  While I slept, something supernatural happened as my dream world abruptly changed.

Suddenly I saw a vast expanse of a clear blue sky from which emerged a choir of heavenly angels.

The angelic choir came to where I was.

In this dream I saw the heavenly choir of angels descend to the place where I was sleeping, and they started singing a heavenly song.

Oddly enough, I knew this song but the angels repeatedly sang only the first part of it.

This  song sounded like this:


Great is thy faithfulness!,

Great is thy faithfulness!,

Great is thy faithfulness!

Great is thy faithfulness!


They continued singing until they confirmed that God’s message had entered into my head, then I abruptly woke up.

Since that dream, I stopped doubting God’s promises, and I have seen many that he fulfilled.

Heavenly Father will be faithful to his promises to you.

From this experience I can assure you that our Heavenly Father will fulfill all the promises he has made you.





God’s sign that he will be faithful to you.



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