God’s warning to those refusing to serve him

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God's warning to those refusing to serve him
God’s warning to those refusing to serve him.





Makko Musagara




This warning is for all those heavenly Father has chosen to serve him.  You are in grave danger if God has chosen you to serve him, but you refuse to do his work.

How God gave me this message.

I remember one time I felt that I had no more money to support the ministry God had entrusted to me. For this reason I said in my heart like this:


Lord, I feel that I have done enough for the Kingdom,

and I can’t continue unless you provide me with additional funds

to support the ministry you have entrusted to me.




Lord, I am giving up.

I stopped doing God’s work.

After those thoughts of resignation I stopped doing God’s work altogether, and I resorted to plenty of sleep and rest.

God spoke to me.

You may not believe it, but this actually happened to me. A day after my resignation from God’s work, something strange happened to me.

The next morning I sat on the front porch of my house to read God’s written word in the Bible. Since I did not have any particular verse of interest in my mind, I just opened the Bible at random.

The page I randomly opened showed Isaiah chapter 1.

Then something strange happened on this page. Suddenly I saw two particular verses being highlighted supernaturally,  and they gently jumped off the page to my eyes!

The two verses looked like a beautiful butterfly leaping from a blooming flower to my eyes.

These two Bible verses read like this:


If you are willing and obedient,
    you will eat the good things of the land;
20 but if you resist and rebel,
    you will be devoured by the sword.”
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

Isaiah 1:19-20

But if you resist and rebel, you will be devoured by the sword.

I chose to serve God.

You can see that the Scripture mentioned above gives a person two options: eating the good things of the land OR being devoured by the sword of God.

I was so scared of being devoured by God’s sword that I accepted to serve God unconditionally.






God’s warning to those refusing to serve him.



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