How a Christian can tell if a person is using demonic powers

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Alt=How a Christian can tell if a person is using demonic powers
How a Christian can tell if a person is using demonic powers.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may not believe what I am about to tell you, but it is true. You may see a smartly dressed person and think he is alright, when that person is actually relying on demonic powers. In this article I show you how a Christian can tell if a person is using demonic powers.

Evil powers will hit you.

If you are a Christian, and you come into first contact with a person relying on demonic powers, you will feel the evil powers hitting you spiritually. I recall one time I was starting my vehicle preparing to leave the place where I had parked along one of the streets of our city.

Then a hand gave me the receipt for my parking payment. As soon as I got hold of that piece of paper, I was hit with evil powers. I prayed immediately because I knew instantly that the person who handed me that receipt relied on demonic powers.


When you first come into contact with any person, pray to God that he reveals to you every hidden secret about that person. I remember one time a new person joined our organization.

From the outside, this man looked perfect. I was shocked when, in a dream at night, God showed me both palms of this man stained red with blood. The Lord revealed to me that the blood of many innocent people was in the palms of this man. He was using demonic powers to kill people.

Kingdom of Heaven.

Individuals relying on demonic powers do not want to hear anything related to God’s Kingdom. They resent praise and worship music, they do not want to hear you reading God’s written word in the Bible, and they don’t want to hear you talk about God our Father, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit.

Quick visions.

I remember one time we were attending a party when one of the foreign guests came to talk to me. Suddenly my gift of discernment revealed to me many things about the private life of this man.

What the Lord showed me about this man was not good at all. I immediately prayed pleading to Jesus Christ to prevent this man from descending into Hell.





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