How God identifies a humble person

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How God identifies a humble person
How God identifies a humble person.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, in this article I would like to share with you the only sign our heavenly Father uses to identify a humble person. If you get to understand this sign, you wont need to look for the other signs defining a humble person.

This happened at the funeral service.

One time my wife and I went for a funeral service where the ushers, who didn’t know us well, offered us two front seats.  Because there were a lot more people coming, the MC, who didn’t know us either, did the unthinkable. He changed the entire sitting arrangement so as to create space up front.

As a result of this change, my wife and I found ourselves far from the front row of chairs, and personally I felt so bad in my heart.

God saw the sadness in my heart.

You might find it hard to believe this, but it actually happened. God saw the sadness within my heart and  immediately acted to teach me something about humility.

A verse jumped out of the Bible!

As the funeral service continued, I suddenly found myself unintentionally opening my Bible at random, and something strange happened.

A verse mysteriously jumped off the Bible page I had randomly opened into my eyes! The verse appeared as a beautiful butterfly gently rising from a blooming flower!


The verse mysteriously jumped like a beautiful butterfly from the page of the Bible into my eyes!





This verse read as follows:


Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. 

Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,

Philippians 2:3


This Bible verse took away all my sorrows.

When the Holy Spirit highlighted this verse to me, our heavenly Father erased all my sorrows and I was no longer concerned with my own dignity, but rather  with the honor of others around me.

I rejoiced because this Bible verse brought peace to my heart until today.

Here is how God notices a humble person.

God’s attention is drawn to anyone who considers others to be more important that himself. This is exactly how our Father in Heaven notices a humble person, and such a person will find favor in the eyes of God.



How God identifies a humble person


A person who exalts himself.

If a person treats himself to be more important than others, then that person is no longer humble. The eyes of Jesus Christ will be drawn away from that person.






How God identifies a humble person.




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