How God sits in Heaven

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How God sits in Heaven
How God sits in Heaven



By  Makko Musagara


How God sits in Heaven.

Dear reader, before this supernatural experience, my imagination of God’s throne room was quite different from the reality he showed me.

My previous imagination of God’s throne.

May be, like you do, I used to think that God our Father sat in a throne room with a single majestic white seat, surrounded by angels, elders and some creatures as mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

As I am about to tell you, the reality shown me in this vision is very different.

The supernatural dream.

One time as I slept, God took me into a deep sleep during which he took my spirit to his throne room. I could tell this was a supernatural dream because when I woke up from this vision I was filled with the mighty power of the Holy Spirit.

Even as I re-tell you this vision in this article right now, I feel the same anointing of the Holy Spirit coming back.

What God showed me.

In this vision I found out that God is not seated alone in his throne room as I had thought before. God is actually seated with two other persons – Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The three are real persons, though our Father is more majestic than the other two. In this vision, I only saw their forms, not their real faces.

The sitting arrangement.

The Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit sit in an equidistant triangular formation. This formation enables the three to sit in an equal distance from which they can easily interact with one another.

From what I saw, the Father’s part of this triangle is more majestic than the other two positions. It is his majestic appearance that distinguishes him from the other two persons in the throne room.

The Sitting environment.

The three are sitting in a pure white environment. The heavenly white I saw is whiter than the earthly white we are used to. A piece of white photocopying paper from earth would look very dirty in God’s throne room.

What are they doing?

From what I saw in this vision, all the three, the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are continuously, and happily, talking to one another.

They are continuously discussing with one another, They are continuously sharing with one another.

I did not get the opportunity to listen to what they were talking about. At a lightning speed I was brought back to this world where I woke up from this vision.




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