How God’s angels restore your stolen blessings

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Alt=How God's angels restore your stolen blessings
How God’s angels restore your stolen blessings.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, I would like to share with you this true story showing  how God’s angels restore your stolen blessings.

God’s minister who visited me.

One time God’s minister from a neighboring country visited my family. He traveled by public transport using a minibus with ten other unknown passengers. After six hours on the road, this visitor arrived at my residence at night. On reaching my home, our visitor realized that he had forgotten one of his travel bags in the vehicle that had brought him to our city.

I asked our guest whether he could identify the vehicle he had used for travel. Unfortunately, he could not remember the registration number of that minibus. As a result, we totally failed to find this vehicle, and it became difficult to track his travel bag.

Contents of the lost bag.

What were the contents of the lost bag?” I asked our visitor.

There was a camera, some personal effects, bank cards,and  cash in U.S. dollars as well as British Pounds.” he replied.

With all this cash, and the other valuables, I knew in my heart that our guest could never see this bag again.

The bag was stolen.

In the morning I accompanied our visitor to the terminal where he had disembarked the minibus. Security supervisors at this station could do little to help our visitor since he did not remember the registration number of the minibus. Everyone concluded that our visitor may never recover his bag. I left my telephone contact with two security supervisors at this terminal, just in case anyone found the bag.

Praying for the lost bag.

Back home, we were left with only one option: praying to our Father in Heaven. We prayed believing that God  would help us recover the lost bag.

God’s angels took action.

After our prayer, God’s angels started doing their work. This testimony was given to us by the man who had stolen the bag. He told us that as he slept during that very night, he got a strange dream. In that dream, this man saw someone who looked like an angel of God telling him as follows:


Do not touch anything in that bag. Tomorrow morning go to the bus terminal in the city where you will get the telephone contact of the owner of that bag. Return that bag to its owner without any delay. If you delay, you will die.


As a result of of this terrifying dream, the thief never slept the whole night. Very early in the morning he went to the bus terminal where he got my telephone contact. He called me pleading that I go and collect the bag. This is how God‘s angel helped to restore the stolen bag of our visitor.

God will command Satan to surrender your blessings.

If the Devil has stolen your blessings, go on your knees and ask God for restoration. Use Joel 2:25-26 for your prayer petition. Our Father in Heaven will command the Devil to  to surrender your blessings to God’s angels. The angels of God will hand back to you the recovered blessings.





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