How God’s angels sing your church songs.

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Alt=How God's angels sing your church songs.
How God’s angels sing your church songs.


Makko Musagara


Dear reader, what I am about to tell you is a true story. Everything I am about to tell you actually happened to me. I was going through a very difficult time, and I was at the point of committing suicide. Then Heaven intervened, as you are about to see.

Four years without a job.

I had gone through four years without a job. My wife was not working as well, and I had six young dependents at my home. I had depleted all the funds on my bank accounts, and I had no source of income at all. The power company had already disconnected electricity from my home.

The water company had done the same. We were using candles at night, and my children had not watched TV for three years. I was living like a street beggar, because I had to depend daily on friends who helped me with anything little they had. Then, my family started going without food.

I could not afford seeing my children go hungry all day. For this reason I started selling some of my household items like the TV set, the microwave, the fridge, and the oven.

Plans to end my life.

After all these hardships, I started asking myself the purpose of living.


I think it is better to die. I cannot continue carrying these heavy burdens in my life anymore. I cannot continue seeing my children go hungry daily. Everyone is tired of me. Even God no longer likes me, because he no longer answer my prayers. Let me die. Maybe death will give me peace.


I said to myself.

My suicide plans.

My plan was to go to town the following day and buy a very poisonous agricultural chemical that would quickly end my life.


Death will end all my sorrows.


I thought.

My last prayer.

I remember it was about 2:00 am in the night when I said my last prayer. This prayer was in form of questions I asked our Father in Heaven. This prayer went like this:


Father in Heaven, I am about to end my life. Please take care of my family, especially my young children. But Lord, before I die, I want to ask you a few questions. What happened to all your good promises you told me? You promised to use me to promote your Kingdom.  You promised that I would see very good things in my life. Where are good things you promised?. You promised that you would bless me. Where are those blessings you promised?  Why do you forget so quickly?


After that prayer I went to sleep. This was to be my sleep on Earth.

Something supernatural happened!

Dear reader. you may not believe this, but it actually happened. About one hour into my sleep something supernatural happened. Suddenly I got a vision in which I saw a clear blue sky.

Then that sky opened, and out of it came a white cloud. This white cloud started descending from heaven towards me. This cloud was like no other because it contained thousands, and thousands of God’s angels singing a church song I knew.  This song is called “Great is thy faithfulness“.

God sent these multitudes of angels to assure me that he is always faithful to his promises. The angels were assuring me that every good promise God made to me will be fulfilled.

As a way of emphasizing God’s faithfulness, God’s angels in the white cloud that came to me  stopped  singing all the other lyrics of this song. Instead, they picked out only the chorus of “Great is thy faithfulness” and they sang it repeatedly around my bed and in my ears until they made sure this chorus had entered my mind and soul. Then they left, and I suddenly woke up from this vision.

I opted to live.

Dear reader, that supernatural experience changed my suicide plans. God’s angels assured me through a church song that no matter what happens, God is always faithful to all his promises.

Within a few months, God got me a very good job. God restored almost three times everything I lost during my four difficult years. If it was not for God’s faithfulness, I would be a dead man now. It is because of God’s faithfulness that your are reading this article now.



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