How the spirits of the dead afflict the living

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Alt=How the spirits of the dead afflict the living
How the spirits of the dead afflict the living.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may find it hard to believe what I am about to tell you, but it is the truth. Satanists, witches, and occults use the spirits of dead people to attack the living. In this article I show you how the spirits of the dead afflict the living.

Listen to this true story first.

Recently a friend told me that he became seriously sick after a strange dream. In this dream, my friend saw his late grandmother, who died of throat cancer, talking to him.

Immediately after this dream, my friend started feeling pain in his throat, just as his grandmother felt before she died. My friend became seriously ill and was hospitalized for several days before he was  discharged.



Alt=How the spirits of the dead afflict the living



Witches, occultists and Satanists can activate the spirits of the dead.

In the supernatural world, witches, occults, and satanists can actually use unusual evil powers to activate a dead person’s spirit. Afterwards, they can command that spirit to attack any living person they mention.

Biblical evidence.

What I am telling you in this article is backed up by an actual incident that happened in the Bible. In the Book of 1 Samuel chapter 28 things were not going well with King Saul, so he wanted to consult prophet who was already dead. King Saul secretly visited a witch at night and asked her to call the spirit of the deceased prophet Samuel.

Using supernatural powers, the witch went ahead and effectively activated the spirit of the late prophet Samuel. Listen to what the activated spirit of Samuel said:


Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?

1 Samuel 28:15


How the spirits of the dead affect the living.

Witches, occultists, and Satanists use the spirits of the dead to curse the living with disease, poverty, suffering, and death. Such attacks usually initially occur through dreams.

In most cases, during the night, a witch, occultist or satanist visits a particular grave. He will then put magical concoctions on top of the grave as he summons the spirit of the dead person buried in that grave.

He will then command that spirit to go and curse a specific living target. Usually while the victim is sleeping, they will find themselves talking to that dead person in a dream. That will be the beginning of that person’s problems.

Overcoming the spirits of the dead.

Prayer is the best weapon against the spirits of the dead. Immediately after any dream involving a dead person, get out of bed and pray. Ask Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to cancel all the curses that resuled from that spiritual attack.

Furthermore, cover yourself with the blood of Jesus Christ and ask Heavenly Father to protect you from all future attacks.





How the spirits of the dead afflict the living.



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