How to handle God’s prophets.

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How to handle God's prophets.
How to handle God’s prophets.



By Makko Musagara


For the purpose of this article I refer only to those prophets who are truly called and anointed by God to promote His Kingdom on earth. This post advises ordinary Christians how to handle true prophets of God.

Attributes of God’s prophets.

God appoints prophets in a special way, with a special anointing. They hear direct from God in unusual ways, and our Father in Heaven usually hears direct from them.

What distinguishes prophets from ordinary Christians is that their mouths are like that of God. They speak on behalf of God, and what they say usually comes to pass.

In this regard, prophets have to be very careful in their private and public life. Their walk should prove they are true representatives of God.

How to handle God’s prophets.

The first thing you have to do when you meet a prophet is to welcome him as a representative of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Suppose Jesus was to visit you physically in your home, how would you welcome him? I guess you would make a lot of very good preparations for his visit. We should always do the same when we receive God’s true prophets. I have always practiced this, and I have been greatly blessed.

The Bible makes it very clear that when you receive a prophet in God’s name, you will receive the reward of a prophet (Mathew 10:41).

Secondly, God’s true prophet depends on you for survival, and for carrying out his ministry. God calls prophets to leave whatever they were doing for the sake of their divine assignment.

When you support the ministry of the prophet, God will reward you beyond your imaginations

Thirdly, we are supposed to seek God’s blessings from His prophets. This should be your priority. Never part with God’s prophet without him blessing you.

Fourth, true prophets usually have a spirit of discernment and predicting the future. Never part with God’s prophet without asking him God’s will for your life and family.

Fourth, never do anything that annoys God’s prophet because he carries a lot of God’s anointing. If, in anger, he utters anything negative against your life, be sure it will come to pass, and it may be a severe blow to your life and spiritual development. In this regard, prophets must be very careful with their words; they should always bless and not curse.



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