How to repel curses

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How to repel curses
How to repel curses



By   Makko Musagara


How to repel curses.

Dear reader, there is a secret in God’s kingdom that I would like to share with you. The secret is that you will never curse or harm a person who is bearing fruit in God’s kingdom.

Two men hired to kill me.

I remember I was two years into this ministry when I got into a land dispute. As a result of this dispute, my opponent hired two men to finish me off. I survived the first day of my assassination attempt. As I approached my assassins, God froze their fingers and they could not pull their triggers.

They tried the second time but, again, I miraculously escaped them.

The strange dream.

After their second failed attempt, I got a strange dream in which I found myself listening to the conversation of the two hired assassins. They were discussing their two failed attempts on my life. As their discussion was closing, one of them said:

“Let us leave him alone, he is innocent”. Then I woke up from this dream. From that day I never met those two men again or had death threats on my life! God supernaturally cancelled my death because I was bearing fruit in His kingdom.

Why Jesus cursed the fig tree.

Jesus is a peaceful person. He was always blessing people and he had never cursed anyone. Then one day something annoyed him.

The Bible says that on this day he was feeling very hungry and went to a nearby fig tree hoping to find fruits. Unfortunately, this tree had no single fruit on it. Jesus cursed this tree straight away and it withered. If this tree had fruit, Jesus would not have cursed it (Mark 11:12-14).

Start bearing fruit.

If you want to repel curses and misfortunes the devil is planning for your life, then start bearing fruit in God’s kingdom. When you bear fruit, death and curses will run away from you.

What does it mean to bear fruit in God’s Kingdom? It means doing anything that promotes and leads to the expansion of God‘s Kingdom on earth.




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