“I rebuke you devil”

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"I rebuke you devil"
The Devil keeps on suggesting sinful ideas to your mind. In this post the Lord gives you a very powerful weapon that overcomes any sinful suggestion Satan and demons may put in your mind.



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may not believe this, but it is true. Satan is an evil being who operates mainly in the spiritual realm. When your thoughts wander away from our Lord Jesus Christ, the Devil comes closer to you suggesting sinful ideas. In this post the Lord gives you a very powerful weapon to overcome any sinful  suggestion that may enter your mind.

The Devil and demons can hear your commands.

According to the written word of God in the Bible, Jesus always rebuked Satan and demons, and they obeyed Jesus’s rebukes. One time Jesus commanded  Satan to disappear and the Devil did so immediately! (Mathew 4:10). Another time Jesus Christ rebuked Satan and commanded the Devil to move away quickly from Jesus’s front to the back. Satan obeyed Jesus’s command and immediately moved from the front of Jesus! (Mathew 16:23). Another time the Devil was trying to make accusations against Joshua the high priest. This time it was our Father in Heaven himself who rebuked Satan commanding the Devil to move away from Joshua quickly. The Devil obeyed the Lord’s command and vanished immediately! (Zechariah 3:1-2).

Here is the powerful weapon God has given you.

The Lord showed me this weapon against the Devil many years ago. I have used it and it works very well against any sinful suggestions Satan puts in your mind. This weapon is called “I rebuke you Satan“.

Every time the Devil plants a sinful idea in your mind, respond immediately by saying, within your mind, that “I REBUKE YOU DEVIL. GO AWAY FROM ME“. The good thing about this weapon is that you do not have to speak any word! You only have to say it in your mind.

A very good example

Suppose you are seated somewhere and a very beautiful woman or a very handsome man passes nearby. The devil may plant a sinful idea within your mind saying: “That woman is so beautiful” or “That man is really handsome”. Dear sister or brother in Christ, do not waste any moment. Reply the Devil, within your mind, that: “I REBUKE YOU DEVIL. GET AWAY FROM ME!“. Try this weapon and you will see. It will always save you from very many temptations and trials. Satan will always vanish as soon as you put this rebuke in your mind.



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