Jesus Christ crying for you

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Alt=Jesus Christ crying for you
Jesus Christ crying for you



Makko musagara



Dear reader, you may think that Heaven is a place of happiness but this is not the case. Jesus Christ is crying because of you, the person reading this article right now.

The reason Jesus Christ is crying for you.

Jesus is crying for you because, according to the heavenly calendar, he is left with only a few hours to return on Earth. Our Saviour is crying because you may not be ready for his return. Jesus Christ is afraid that if he returned today, you may not be able to accompany him to Heaven.

This is what Jesus Christ wants you to do.

The need for your repentance.

Repent for all the areas in your life that you know were not pleasing to Father in Heaven. A non repentant heart displeases God. But a person with a repentant heart pleases God, and that person can easily enter Heaven.

You need to stay away from sin.

Stay away from sin, in all its forms. Start hating sin with all your heart. Seek holiness in everything you do.

God’s written word.

Read God’s written word in the Bible every day and practice what it says. God’s final judgement of your soul will be based on what is written in the Bible.

Pray all the time.

Start living a life of prayer. Always start with the Lord’s Prayer, and then your other prayers follow. Pray every time you get an opportunity.

Bringing lost souls to Jesus Christ.

Thousands of lost souls fall into Hell everyday. The Lord wants you to contribute your personal efforts, and finances, towards the salvation of lost souls.

Be prepared all the time.

Jesus Christ wants you to be prepared all the time for his return.  Being ready means to live a life without sin. An hour should never pass without you thinking about Heaven.





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